Lemon Fresh Day @ Nebraska Special Olympics Opening Ceremony

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When we were asked to do a gig for the Special Olympics, I will be honest and say that nothing could have prepared me for this performance.  I truly thought it was just another fun gig we got to be apart of.

What I did not expect was to be so overwhelmed by what happened.  All of the athletes that participated in the games were absolutely thrilled and excited by the live music.  Danny, the front man for Lemon Fresh Day, did an amazing job of talking to the athletes and engaging them.  One girl even threw her towel on stage and to see the excitement in her face when Danny picked it up and acknowledged her was so precious.

I have never seen a group of people be so excited and dance along to each song the way these athletes did. Kudos to Danny and the Lemon Fresh Day crew.  Not only did they put on an amazing show but they took the time to take pictures after and mingle with the crowd. It truly was a great evening.

Thank you to Plannit Omaha for allowing us to be apart of this event!

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