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If you are looking for live music, you have come to the right place! Submit your event information and one of our entertainment specialists can assist you in finding the right entertainment!

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1. Submit your event information to us

2. OML will provide you with a list of potential options

3. Select the contract that meets your needs and fits your budget


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What do I do if I need live music for an event?

1. Submit a request form through our website or call Omaha Musicians Live directly, (402) 915-2411, and tell us about your event.

2. Omaha Musicians Live will present you with possible entertainment options, bands, and available artists.

3. Upon selecting your entertainment, Omaha Musicians Live will prepare your contract and make sure all logistical details of your event are met.

How much do the musicians/bands cost?

Omaha Musicians Live is not responsible for setting the prices of the talent. Each musician/band has their own price list. We can however present you with a realistic range of what you could pay for a band or artist. Pricing can be dependent on several variables; date, location, type of event, number of people etc. When submitting an availability request please fill in as much information as possible so we can present you with an accurate quote.

How far in advance do I need to book my event?

Many acts book several months in advance, so the earlier the better. However, it truly just depends on availability.

Does Omaha Musicians Live only book local talent?

Omaha Musicians Live does everything we can to meet the needs of our clients. If you would like assistance bringing in a regional or national act, please let us know and we would be happy to assist you with that.

Why would I choose to book my live music through Omaha Musicians Live?

Omaha Musicians Live specializes in live entertainment. We are able to match you with an artist or band that will meet the needs of your event. We also have a vast network of artists who we know and trust will do a professional job for you. We believe that your entertainment is one of the most important aspects of your event and therefore should be given special attention. We take care of all details such as announcements, set break music, sound and lighting requirements, and any other detail surrounding your entertainment.

What will I need to provide or have available to the musicians?

Each musician or band has different requirements. Omaha Musicians Live will work with you and or the venue to ensure those requirements are met.

Will my band or artist learn a song for my event?

This is strictly determined by each musician/band. Most musicians/bands are willing to accommodate, however, some artists may charge a fee per song, other artists may have that already included in their price. If you have a particular request please speak with us about this so we can make sure your requests are met.

What if I do not like the entertainment options that are presented to me?

Let Omaha Musicians Live know! We want to make sure you are excited about your entertainment and that you are satisfied with the entertainment booked. Please let us know and we will do what ever we need to to ensure you are excited about your entertainment.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover (via PayPal) Cash, or Checks

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