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Do I need a live musician or can I just do pre-recorded music?

The answer to this question is, yes, you can do pre-recorded music. However, the advantage to have having a professional live musician heavily out weighs not having one. Since the ceremony is based on timing, it is incredibly important to be able to have someone be able to adjust the songs as need be. We have all scene the flower girl who gets nervous, or the bridal party that walked really fast, or maybe a bride take an extra minute with her dad before heading down the isle. All of this comes down to timing, and solid professional live musician is able to respond to these as they happen.

What types of music can I have for my ceremony?

It truly depends on what fits you and your fiance’s style. The most popular options are, acoustic guitar with vocals, harp, classical guitar, and strings (solo, duo, trio, or quartet).

How much does ceremony music cost?

It will vary of the number of musicians. Soloists can range from $250-$400 or more. String quartets will be more costly, since you are paying four people to be there no just one. Also, each musician has different rates based on the needs of the couple, time, date, location, etc., check with Omaha Musicians Live and they can provide you an accurate quote.

Will musicians learn songs for my wedding ceremony?

Most of the time they will, however, be sure to ask if that is included in the price or if there is an additional charge.

Can a musician come and play at my Catholic ceremony?

Yes they can, but please check with your church to find out the specific guidelines set forth by the church. Musicians never want to offend anyone by playing something that has not been okayed by the Priest. Often times this takes a little more coordination. If you are having a full mass during the ceremony please ask specifically for a musician who is able to perform all of the appropriate hymns. Omaha Musicians Live can work directly with anyone in the church to make sure your ceremony music is exactly what is needed.


Budget: Live Band vs. DJ Who should I Book?


The price difference is very different between bands and DJs. Get a couple of quotes from each and decide if a band is in the budget. Live music DJ combos are also an option for people wanting to incorporate live music.

What is the difference?

A well seasoned DJ can offer great entertainment and keep the crowd involved and engaged. With a live wedding band, there is no replacing the performance and feeling you get with live music. If you have not seen a band live, pick a good one and go see them! Invite friends and family and enjoy an evening out. This will give you a better idea of what a band has to offer.

How Much Do Bands Cost?

Bands, like all things, vary in cost. There are several things they factor in when producing a price. $2,500 and up can be expected to be spent on wedding entertainment.

Why do bands cost so much?

With a band, you are paying several people for several hours to perform. The arrive several hours before your guests arrive to set up, perform for 3-4 hours and then long after the the bride and groom have left, they have to tear down and pack up all of their equipment. They will often have a sound technition on staff that brings in sound equipment and lighting, which is all necessary.

If I book a band, will they MC the wedding reception and formal events?

Most bands have someone they use for MCing. However, this is an important question to ask when booking a band. Some bands will bring a separate person to do that job, others will not provide that service, or will, but at an additional cost. When booking your band through Omaha Musicians Live we make sure that all announcements are handled appropriately and in a timely manor. We work with the band to make sure all of the formal events stay on track and transition smoothly from one event to the next.

How Many Set Breaks Do They Take, and What Happens During Time?



The standard break time is 15 minutes per hour. There are some that will take less than that. Be sure to review all of this information with the band you book and put their break times in the contract. During this time they will often play prerecorded music. A great band will make sure the break music keeps the crowd on the floor and dancing while they are away.

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